Meet the Morons.


Nearly a decade of laughter.

The Oxymorons improv comedy troupe formed in 2010, a year that will eventually be marked in history books for its awesomeness. The group consists of actors from the central PA area, all seasoned veterans who have performed everywhere from bat mitzvahs to corporate events to major comedy clubs.

Our improv games, familiar to those who watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” are all about thinking on our feet, making stuff up on the spot, and praying nobody realizes we’re flying by the seat of our pants. Want to book a murder mystery? Maybe a “Family Feud” or "Minute to Win It!" style game show instead? We're the troupe for you, with tons of enthusiasm, friendliness, and professionalism, whether it’s a buttoned-up corporate event or a party for friends and family.

Although our six-member troupe is based in central Pennsylvania, we frequently travel across the country! Let's talk about how we can make your event memorable.

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Co-Director Sara Shaw
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Oxymoron Bios

Toby Bradbury:

Toby Bradbury has been enjoying making people laugh since grade school where he would do impressions. Now grown up (physically only), he is doing it on stage. Toby has trained with the PA Renn Faire, with the great Ginny Bartholomew, and has taken improv workshops with the Washington Improv Theatre, Philly Improv Theater and Baltimore Improv Group. Outside of comedy, Toby dabbles in music, sports, and stage combat. He’s also active with Harrisburg Improv Theatre.

Sara Shaw (director):

Sara is a Leo who enjoys putting on concerts for people stuck next to her in traffic. She has been theatrically and comedically preoccupied for most of her life, and is patiently waiting to maneuver her way into foreign royalty to eventually rule over a small country. In the interim, she is content to teach at local colleges. Critics have said of Sara, “What? She’s not a Pantene hair model? But that hair!” and “Shouldn’t someone be paying her to be that awesome?” Don’t worry about which critics said it, the credentials of said critics, or the legitimacy of their existence. Take her word for it. She does not like pizza, she does like hugs, and she encourages anyone who thinks they can quote Anchorman better than her to kindly see her after any show. In the parking lot. To get schooled. Sara has performed theater professionally in the area and has taken improv workshops with the Washington Improv Theatre and Philly Improv Theater, Peoples Improv Theater in New York and Baltimore Improv Group. Sara is also a member of Hot & Modest, an improv pair selected to perform in the 2011 DuoFest in Philadelphia. And she co-founded No Artificial Sweeteners, an all-female improv troupe that performs for charity, as well as being a new mom.

Randy Stamm:

Randy is a self-proclaimed nerd for musical theatre! He works as a sales rep. for a beverage company. Most of his free time has been performing in Harrisburg and York area theatres. Some of Randy’s favorite roles have been: Marcellus in “The Music Man”, Brad in “Rocky Horror Show”, and Lead Male in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”. He recently took on a new role as “Director” when he was given the opportunity at Fishing Creek Playhouse with “Beehive: The Sixties Musical”. When not working or on stage, he spends time Facebook stalking (we all do it, don’t lie) and being with family. Love to M & K. Randy has performed theater professionally and has taken Improv workshops with Washington Improv Theater and Peoples Improv Theatre in New York.

Andy Shaw (director)

Andy’s day job is doing digital strategy, which means he’s paid to be on Facebook. Andy 1, Everyone Else 0. He’s a dad - Sara, his wife, happens to be the mom, which works out nuclear family-wise. You can also catch him doing stand-up around the region. He also prefers “Sister Act” to “Glee,” and has never read a Harry Potter book, a fact that has caused his near ouster from the Oxymorons. Andy would also like to ask mid-1990s Tiffani Amber Thiessen on a date. Please call. Andy has performed theater professionally around Pennsylvania and has taken improv workshops with the Washington Improv Theatre, Peoples Improv Theatre in New York and Philly Improv Theater and Baltimore Improv Group.

Josh Miller:

As a young lad growing up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Josh had to support his family by pick pocketing and turning tricks on the street in order to feed his family.  He only had one arm which made it hard to wash and bathe his mother, father, grandmother, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters.  As he got older he volunteered for a risky medical procedure that, if successful, would grow another hand where his stump once was.  To his and the doctors’ surprise, the procedure was a complete success. Now living in York, Josh has found a new passion…raising a pack of alpacas .  But also, improv.  Josh has taken an improv workshop with the Baltimore Improv Group.

Liz Curtis:

Raised by snakes in Central Pennsylvania, Liz Curtis has been making people laugh (sometimes intentionally!) since 1985. Liz first performed stand up comedy at her Alma mater, Millersville University, in 2008, and a mere two years after this began frequenting open mic nights at the Harrisburg Comedy Zone. In true girl-meets-improv-troupe love story fashion, that’s where she met the Oxymorons. If you’d like to be friends with Liz, consider complimenting her penmanship, buying her a jack and coke, or delivering a pun in her presence. If you’d like Liz to silently judge you, simply abbreviate words when sending text messages, talk while you’re masticating, or say that you “could care less” about anything. Also, thanks! Liz is glad you like her glasses! Yes, they are prescription. She bought them online. For $8.95 (plus shipping and handling). Liz has taken an improv workshop with the Baltimore Improv Group.